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Single Wing Youth Football Plays and Playbooks

“Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced playbooks all come together in this Complete Single Wing Playbook by Jim Oddo. It’s a complete system for teaching the 130+ plays in the powerful Single Wing Offense!”

Youth Football “Wildcat” Offense

If you a new or veteran youth football coach, it can be difficult to choose an offense to run for your youth football team.  Maybe you are looking for a supplement to your cuurent system. It is even harder to find a youth specific football playbook that is age appropriate.

My Complete Single Wing Playbook is just what you are looking for since it is applicable for many age groups. This book will last your entire youth football caoching career.  This playbook has plays for ages 5-14 that are both new and experienced tackle players.  This complete playbook gives you 130+ plays you need to run a successful youth football offense for years to come.

I believe every coach can gain a unique advantage over his opposition using the powerful single wing offense.  This is the perfect offense for young players who are experienced in tackle football as well as players new to the sport.

Why would I choose a Complete level playbook?

  • Complete playbooks are designed for players 5-14 years old
  • Complete playbooks are designed for newbies as well as three year plus tackle players
  • All plays are explained in detail
  • All plays are simple to teach and can be implemented quickly
  • Each play has a large diagram
  • Every position assignment is explained in detail for every position on every play
  • I have used every play in this playbook and have made all adjustments to improve their effectiveness.
  • There are 130 total plays

My Single Wing Complete level playbook is available for INSTANT download giving you access to your playbook of choice very quickly. You can download a copy and be reading it within 5 minutes of your payment.

Complete Level Playbooks

Age Levels:

5-14 year olds

Experience Levels:

New & 3+ years tackle experience

Coaching Experience:

New & Experienced Head Coach at this AGE level

Teaching Difficulty:

Very Easy & Medium

Specific Details of the Complete Single Wing Playbook

Plays: 130 Plays, 130 Diagramed (65 left, 65 Right)

Pages: 200

Type: Offensive Playbook

Skill: Complete – Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced

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