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How can I Make Sure my 7 Year Old Son Plays Quarterback for his Youth Football Team?

The above question is the most feared amongst coaches who are coaching a new group of players each year. The reason this question is feared is because it is always asked by a problem parent. Some crazy parent, who likes to hear his, or her. own voice and is going to be a pain all [...]

How Do I Get The Youth Football Players to Listen To Me Better?

How Do I Get The Youth Football Players to Listen To Me Better?
What goes through you mind when you see a coach bellow at their team throughout the match and you know that won’t change a thing on the pitch?
The orders are bellowed repeatedly but the same thing happens, nothing changes.
In the end up the [...]

What is the Effect of Problem Parents on Their Children in Youth Football?

What is the Effect of Problem Parents on Their Children in Youth Football?  Every year there seems to be at least one insane parent who cares about  nothing but themselves.  They don’t care about the team, you, your coaches, the program or worse their own kid.  These miserable excuses of a human being are not happy [...]

How Do I Become a Winning Youth Football Coach?

Everyone dreams of becoming the next Vince Lombardi, even at the youth football level.  Yeah, we are out there for the kids, but we all still want to become a winning youth football coach.  Let’s face it, winning is more fun and gratifying than losing.  Your work week goes smoother (it’s much easier to answer [...]

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Why Isn’t My Son The Youth Football Quarterback?

My son has been playing youth football for the past 2 years. This year we moved to a new city where he now plays. Where he used to play, the coaches son was quarterback and my son really wanted to play quarterback, he has always had a great arm and I told him not to [...]

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What are 10 Top Tips for Coaching Youth Flag Football?

 If you are looking for some basic tips to help you coach your flag football team then you have found the right post.  Here we go over the top ten tips you should implement into your coaching philosophy.  Remember flag football is many times the first introduction to football for many kids so we need [...]

Coaching Youth Football – How Should The Youth Head Football Coach Behave?

I cannot count the amount of times I have seen a youth football coach making a complete ass out of himself.  He walk around the field like Vince Lombardi and swears like Mike Ditka.  These mental midgets forget they are there for the kids, not their overblown egos.  So how should I act as a youth football coach? 
The [...]

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Youth Football Coaching : How to Prepare for a Good Start for the Season

Make sure to have the proper planning during the off-season if you want to have a good start in your upcoming youth football season. 
In youth football coaching, the primary thing that should be considered is having a good planning that will go in from the day the football program is supposed to start, until the [...]

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Where Can I Get a Team Mom Organizer?

We get asked every year from the Team Mom, Where can I Get an organizer?  The Team Mom wants to have a complete organizer so she can have a detailed record of all her duties.  Our staff used there over 100 years of combined experience coaching youth football and developed The Team Mom Organizer for [...]

What Should I Do as a First Year Pee Wee Tackle Football Coach?

It’s late July and the local league needs extra coaches for the youth, pee wee, pop Warner or midget football team.  You think you know the game so you volunteer for the eight year old first year tackle division.  You find out that you will be coaching the cut squad, or the “A” team so [...]