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Offensive Linemen Stances

Offensive linemen – Stance Variations
In youth football the stance is one of the most under coached, yet important areas of the game most coaches ignore.  There are a variety of different stances the players can use and below is a great article describing a few of the options taught across the country.

The 3 Stances of…

Which Basic Blocking Skills Should I Teach to 10-11 Year Old Youth Football Players?

Here at we receive quite a few email questions regarding coaching youth football.  We are going to start posting the questions here and our responses for all of our readers to enjoy and learn form.  Below is the question we received.
We are toying with the idea of zone blocking, and I know enough to…

How Do I Teach the Trap Block When Coaching Youth Football’s Offensive Line?

How Do I Teach the Trap Block When Coaching Youth Football’s Offensive Line?  Even though I am not a fan of teaching very young players the trap block this video shows a drill you can use to teach the trap block.

This drill works great with the older kids who can make an impact if they…

Product Reveiw of Coaching Youth Football: Offensive Line Basics

Product Reveiw of Coaching Youth Football: Offensive Line Basics

Coaching Youth Football: Offensive Line Basics with Jerry Campbell, Head Football Coach, Clovis (CA) High School. Coach Campbell covers all of the essentials to develop quality offensive lineman, starting from the proper stance and working through the proper footwork to run and pass block. Each section of…

How do I Evaluate my Youth Football Players Drive Blocking Ability?

When I try to figure out who my blockers are I run this youth football drill.  Actually I have the Line Coaches run this drill. It is a simple drill where you have each player block against the coach was holding a dummy.  The players start in a three point stance right in front of…


A basic blocking pattern in which a defensive lineman is allowed past the line of scrimmage, only to be blocked at an angle by a “pulling” lineman. Designed to gain a preferred blocking angle and larger hole in the line.


A term used to describe an offensive lineman who, instead of blocking the player in front of him, steps back and moves down the line(“pulls”) to block another player, usually in a “trap” or “sweep.”

Pass protection

The use of blocking by the offensive line and backs to allow the quarterback time and space to throw the ball.


A particularly hard block that leaves the blocked player lying flat on the field. This statistic is not recorded in NFL, but in NFL video games, they are the statistics used to determine who is a good blocker.

Is it smart to Double Team block in Youth Football?

I am a huge fan of double-teaming to the hole you are running at.  The definition of the hole is the area where you want the ball carrier to run.  To keep things easy I just call out the name of the player I want the ball carrier to run over. I have found this…