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Wildcat offense plays can be effective, but need to be practiced allot at the youth football level.  There are many flag football teams running wildcat offense plays with great success.  The key to making wildcat offense plays work effectively is repetition of the playbook.  The direct snap needs to be perfected if you have any hope of the system working.  Many different techniques are used to practice the snap and the best teams will never make bad snaps.  The next area of perfection needs to be the handoffs and fakes.  The success of wildcat offense plays is that the motion of the backfield needs to look the same on every play.

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The next area that needs addressing,  when teaching wildcat offense plays is the offensive line.  The biggest area of debate will be wether or not to pull lineman.  My personal theory is not pull lineman until you are coaching a talented group of players with multiple years of experience.  The younger kids playing the line are usually passed by the running backs so it is not worth the effort to try and pull them.  Once you have lineman that can get out and lead block for the backs, you can then spend the time teaching the correct pulling techniques.

Wildcat offense plays are best used as a supplement to your existing offense.  It is a nice surprise to  spring on a defense when they are not ready for it.  Just ask the New england Patriots, who were caught off guard when the Dolphins first ran their wildcat offense plays at them in a NFL game a few years ago.  As prepared as the Patriots usually are, they looked foolish in this game as Miami went up and down the field executing their wildcat offense plays.

In conclusion, I think adding wildcat offense plays to your offensive system is a great idea, as long as you have the time to practice it long and hard before you try it in a game.  You also need to make sure you have the proper personal as there are quite a few special positions that need to be filled out. I suggest you check out the Video clinic and playbook on this site as they will get you up and running smooth and fast.

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