Should I Have Snacks for my Youth Football Team?

This is a tough one especially if you are coaching a younger youth football team.  My personal opinion is there is no need for a snack before the game or at half time.  I am not even a fan of it after the game since the kids are more concerned about getting their food and not listening to the coaches.

We live in a democracy so plan on the kids getting something.  The younger the team is the more likely there will snacks.  This is where the Team Mom needs to assign a schedule for the families.  I try to keep it to just a beverage, like Gatorade and only for AFTER the game.  One year I allowed for oranges at half time since the parents thought it would energize the kids.  What a nightmare!  The kids used more energy pushing each other over to get to the bag of orange slice.  No one listened and the player left orange peels all over the place.   Half time was spent cleaning the mess made on the field.  I have seen some teams have a “party” at half time with all kinds of cookies and other stuff.  No way will I allow snacks at half time.  If the individual parent gives you a hard time tell them to bring something for their kid and the parent can feed it to them while you speak to the team at half time.

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