What is my Daily Routine for Special Teams Practice?

I am a believer that if you ignore special teams they will bite you in the “you know what”.  In over 20 years of coaching, my teams have NEVER returned a kickoff for a touchdown, until this year.  I have also never had one returned against any of my teams.

I will examine the special teams below and give you my perspective.  

  • PAT – I have won and lost many games due to PAT’s.  I would rank this as the most important of all special teams.  Do everything you can to find a kicker as it will make your season easier.
  • Kick Off Normal – As I stated above, I have never had one run back on me.  I do believe it needs to be practiced every day to keep that streak alive.
  • Kick Off Onsides – I have won and lost games due to onside kicks.  I practice them daily.
  • Kick Receiving Normal & Onsides – I have never run a kickoff back for a TD, and over the years have recovered most onside kicks against us.
  • Punt Return – I have had decent luck returning punts.  I think only once for a TD but overall decent.
  • Punt – Important as long as you kick away from the opponent.  They always have their best stud back there so you will want to keep it away from him.


I live by the motto of keeping special teams as “unspecial” as possible.  I do not want unnecessary turnovers because we are “trying to make something happen”.  Whenever a team tries to force something to happen, something usually does happen and it is never good.

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