Line Calls Offensive Blocking

I have used many different line calls over the years.  The purpose behind the line calls is to make sure your offensive line picks up every blocking assignment.  Knowing whom to block is the most important, yet most over-looked area of game week preparation.  I am amazed how many coaches spend no time preparing their line with any blocking schemes for the upcoming games.

Proper blocking schemes should be taught to all teams regardless of age level.  You need to use your scouting report and show your player where the defenders will be lined up, so they know whom to block on each play.  I am not joking when I say knowing who to block is almost as important as the block in youth football.

Line calls can be used as reinforcement, verification and confirmation of the current blocking schemes.  Line calls can also be used to change the current blocking assignments on any given play.

The most popular line calls I have used are

  • Man
  • Combo
  • Down
  • Swing
  • You
  • I
  • Check
  • Reach


I go over each one of these in complete detail in my Blocking Line Calls for Youth Football publication.  Each one of these calls is made by the tackle and has a specific assignment.  Every player on the line must have many repetitions of each line call before I would every use in real live game situations.  It is best to learn them in stations and test them during scrimmages.

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