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Welcome to our site Football Playbook, where our staff , with over 100 combined years of youth coaching experience, brings you a variety of football playbooks all modified for the youth football level.  Each playbook has been proven successful! Each playbook has a experience level we recommend for the players and the coaching experience.

Please visit our  blog which has new fresh materials on every kind of football playbook imaginable and news  added on a regular basis with over 400 FREE articles on coaching youth football.  There is a wealth of information in this section of our website.

Coaching Youth Football to Win

Not only have the coaches that contribute to this site have an enormous amount of experience in modifying a football playbook, but they also have an impressive winning percentage of over 80% wins that span over three decades.

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They have seen every imaginable offensive system,  defensive scheme and special team trick plays ever attempted at the youth football level.

The staff actually earned their coaching stripes in reverse order, coaching 14 year-old travel kids in the early eighties and are now, for the first time, coaching their own sons.  There are many articles in the blog referencing the challenges from leaving a competitive 14 year-old travel team to a 5 year-old flag football team.

All Playbook Modified for Youth Football!

One of the biggest changes was the type of football playbook that was used for the older kids is much different for the younger kids.

Please feel free to browse the site and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

Every single football playbook designed on this site has been used successfully in actual game situations.  Despite what you may read across the internet, there is no one “magic” football playbook that works for every group, regardless of the situation.  We have learned, over the years, that each year is unique, therefore, each team requires a unique football playbook.  Sure we all have a favorite type of system, whether it is on offense or defense, that we would prefer to use, but the successful coaches will adapt their football playbook to the talent of their squad.

Over twenty years of experience and knowledge is contained on these pages,  so please take your time, and especially check out the blog where you will find a wealth of information on general youth football coaching and tips on selecting the correct football playbook for your team.

As always, feel free to drop us an email if you have any questions

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